Cranmer Park

Cranmer Park in Denver, Colorado, is a special place full of beauty and life. Located on the south slope of Observatory Hill, it offers spectacular views of Denver's Downtown skyline and the Rocky Mountains.

The park has been a part of Denver since 1909, when banker Thomas Cranmer donated the land to the city. He wanted the public to enjoy its natural beauty for generations to come. And today, his wish holds true; it's still one of Denver's most beloved parks.


One thing that sets this park apart from others is its location. It sits at an elevation between 5400 and 6500 feet above sea level and provides stunning views over downtown Denver and beyond. You can even see the Rocky Mountains, Pikes Peak, and other natural landmarks from here.

When you visit the park, there are several trails to explore. The most popular is the Cranmer Park Trail, which winds through shady pine forests and open grassy meadows.

The central feature of the park is Thomas McKee Memorial Flagpole. This was erected in 1920 in memorial to Thomas McKee, a Denver pioneer who planted the first cherry tree in Colorado on this site. It's an iconic landmark that pays tribute to those who have gone before us.

Precious Art Pieces

Another special feature of Cranmer Park is its many sculptures, monuments, and public art pieces. Various organizations throughout Denver's history commissioned these works over the years. One of the most beloved is the "Colossus" sculpture by artist Mark di Suvero, installed in 1981. It stands 22 feet tall and is constructed of steel and bronze.

The park also features a collection of outdoor musical instruments created by local musician/artist Bruce Odland. These interactive sculptures make sounds when touched or moved, engaging visitors with their creative sounds.


Cranmer Park offers a wide range of amenities to ensure visitors have an enjoyable experience. The park features two playgrounds, four picnic shelters, an outdoor amphitheater, hiking trails, and plenty of open space for recreational activities like soccer or Frisbee.

The park is also home to a remarkable array of wildlife: deer roam freely through the woods, and birds soar above for food. In addition, Cranmer Park is equipped with several birdhouses for native species to use as nesting grounds.

Events & Activities

In addition to its natural beauty, Cranmer Park is renowned for hosting various events and activities throughout the year. Some of the events here are music festivals, art exhibitions, and guided nature walks. They have small gatherings and larger festivals, such as Denver PrideFest and Great American Beer Festival. These annual events unite people to enjoy music, food, art, and entertainment in this beautiful setting!

For individuals looking for something a bit more active, there's plenty to do as well, such as:

  • Yoga classes
  • Pickup basketball games
  • Weekly running clubs
  • Sledding hill

Cranmer Park is a true gem in Denver, where one can enjoy breathtaking views with friends, family, or even alone. With so much natural beauty and amenities to enjoy, it's no wonder why this park holds such special meaning to residents and visitors alike.