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    Concrete Foundation Repair In Denver

    The best way to ensure that your house has a stable structure for any situation is by hiring one of our professional contractors who specialize in foundations today!

    Concrete Contractors of Denver’s expertise in the cement industry is second to none specially in foundation repair or pool decking. They will ensure that your construction project goes smoothly from start to finish by paying extra attention during those final curing periods, minimizing settlement concerns and giving each aspect its due care.

    We understand that a foundation problem is one of the worst things to happen to any structure. That's why we do all we can, from getting you the best concrete foundations at reasonable prices through different types of options for your home and yard.

    T-Shaped Foundations

    The T-shaped foundation is the most common type of foundation used in cold areas. When building this, it's essential to maintain its footing below the frost line so that when you build walls on top they won't fall down due to weight or lack of support.

    When building a T-shaped foundation, you'll want to make sure that the footing is broad. This will give your wall more support once we lay it and let it cure for the right amount of time before construction begins!

    We can then pour the concrete slab for your new foundation. For additional information on T-shaped foundations or retaining walls, please contact us.

    The foundation will be made on a slab-on-grade basis. The concrete is poured in the summer to ensure that it does not freeze during winter, making this an optimal solution for areas where ground freezes year round and cannot support heavy loads such as tall buildings or other structures with elevated levels of living space.

    This concrete slab is typically six inches thick and reinforced with rebar. The thickness provides structural integrity while the rods help to resist bending or breaking forces on top of it.

    Prepping the ground before pouring is an important step to ensure a quality foundation. We always use crushed gravel as our bedding, and we sometimes add wire mesh for extra reinforcement against cracking.


    One way that architects and engineers protect their buildings' foundations is by using frost-protected foundation, which protects the building footing by keeping it at a temperature above that of the surrounding ground.

    To insulate the foundation of this type of structure, you can use two sheets. One sheet is added at the base before pouring and one on top to keep it insulated from drafts and cold air that enters through cracks in your home's exterior walls.

    Dealing with ice-prone areas is difficult because of how porous and expansive they are; as soon as one section thaws out another begins freezing over again. That's why we recommend using our unique slab on grade foundations which minimize frost heave by leaving space for drainage below flooring that cannot freeze solid like rocks or dirt would do otherwise. This way there will always be an easy route for any water trapped beneath floors to escape into the earth where its frozen state won't bother anyone anymore!

    Foundation Durability

    We are Denver experts at pouring concrete foundations so we pay attention to every detail of the project. This includes how many quarts of water per cubic yard and what type of equipment is right for each phase, such as a vibrator or mixer. We have all your needs met with our state-of-the art machinery that can handle any job big or small!

    Every stage of the project goes through expert planning and has workers with years of experience ready on hand to ensure high quality.

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