Denver Biscuit Company

Denver Biscuit Company near Denver CO, downtown is a family-owned, local business that has been serving delicious and unique biscuit sandwiches since 2013. The restaurant specializes in Southern-style biscuits with a twist on flavors, including green chili and pork belly or bacon jam.

Why Does Everybody Love Their Products?

The Denver Biscuit Company is known for its creative, passionate, and delicious biscuits. They use the highest-quality ingredients in every recipe and offer unique flavors like green chili with pork belly or bacon jam. Combining Southern-style biscuit recipes with innovative flavor combinations gives customers a unique experience that will make them return for more.

What Makes Their Biscuits Special?

The company's biscuits are unique because they're made from scratch with fresh local ingredients daily. The dough is rolled out, cut into circles, and folded over to create the signature biscuit sandwich shape. Each biscuit is then placed in a preheated skillet, which cooks until golden brown and is ready to eat. This ensures that the biscuits are cooked to perfection and stay warm and fluffy.

What Kinds of Sandwiches Do They Offer?

The Denver Biscuit Company offers a variety of sandwiches, such as the classic biscuit sandwich, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, and sweet treats. The restaurant also has a wide selection of vegetarian options, including veggie burgers and tofu scrambles. The menu changes seasonally, with new flavors constantly popping up, so there's always something different to try!

Make sure to try their famous green chili and pork belly biscuit sandwich, packed with flavor and sure to become a favorite!

What Else Do They Offer?

In addition to their delicious sandwiches, the Denver Biscuit Company also offers homemade sides such as macaroni and cheese, potato salad, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and more. Plus, they have an array of craft beers from local Colorado breweries and some of the best coffee in town.

Why Should You Try It?

If you're looking for unique flavor combinations on delicious Southern-style biscuits, the Denver Biscuit Company is the place for you! Their quality ingredients and creative recipes make their products truly special. Their friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff make it an excellent place to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

Moreover, their commitment to high-quality ingredients and freshness guarantees you're getting the best biscuits in town. So why not treat yourself? If you're ever in the Denver area, check out the Denver Biscuit Company!